5 ways to make your restaurant stand out

The restaurant trade is one of the most competitive fields you can get into, so making sure your venue stands out from the endless competition is vital to long-term success. The good news is that there are lots of ways to make this happen. Here is a detailed look at just five of them.

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1. Provide excellent service

Consistently good food and service will help spread the word that your restaurant is always worth a visit, so it’s worth investing in everything from staff training to sourcing top-quality food and skilled chefs.

2. Be relevant

Identifying, attracting and meeting the needs of your target audience is always a winning strategy in business, and the restaurant trade is no different. This involves getting everything from décor and seating arrangements to menu options and wait staff right. You should also look at your opening hours. Are they relevant to the people you expect to visit?

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For example, if you are promoting a healthy eating theme, having a good selection of vegan and gluten-free items on the menu is essential, with seasonal specials to appeal to an audience that likes to eat fresh and local produce. Fresh salad served from a saladette counter, available from suppliers such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration-brands/i-l/interlevin/interlevin-esa900-refrigerated-saladette-counter, will also be a popular talking point.

3. Use social media properly

The food industry is visual, so creating and managing accounts on Instagram and Facebook will help you build a loyal following. The pictures should be high-quality and relevant. If you don’t know how to use social media for maximum effect, you can take a crash course or outsource the task – it’s worth it.

4. Encourage reviews

People love to read about great places to eat, and these days many rely on reviews by ordinary people to make their food choices. Offer incentives to guests for reviews, and always politely acknowledge reviews left online, whether they’re positive or negative.

5. Invest in your website

You‘d be surprised how many restaurants don’t have a mobile or tablet-friendly version of their website available, leaving customers browsing via a phone or tablet struggling with an unreadable menu. Many simply won’t make the effort, and that is understandable. Investing in a well-designed, user-friendly website that can be read easily on any device is a huge step toward attracting customers to your venue.