Freelancers: Handy Methodologies to Self-Branding

Freelancer writers and designers have the best of both worlds–they have the great luxury of making their own schedule when they see fit while also dabbling in a variety of different contracts. If you’re an individual who loves to get your hands dirty while working on new projects, you know it can be difficult to get a great amount of clients if you don’t have a differentiated brand. Branding yourself will take more time, however you’ll find that you have a handy time reaching in for more money than you’ve ever gotten your hands on. For a background snapshot, Handy employees are few since the majority of painters and furniture assemblers are considered contractors to the company. The same is true for a freelancer who wishes to stand out from the crowd. Certain qualities can be seen in the company’s reviews such as a contractor who leaves flowers out for their clients after they are done their shift, or a few who even will bake cookies while they are working (they make the cookie batter at home) so that their clients can come home to the smell of oatmeal and chocolate chips wafting through the air.


Use a Niche Website for Your Audience


Perhaps you are currently a freelancer on sites such as Fiverr where you can post your job offerings and get clients automatically sent to you. It’s no secret that a percentage of your sales are sent go straight to Fiverr. If you create your own branded website for yourself targeted towards a very specific audience. This is how you stand out in a world where the web is flooded with offers. You can have a tab for testimonials on how your work was regarded by past clients, as well as examples of exactly what you do.


Go Against the Pricing Grain


The price that you tack onto your services has a true psychological impact on how your work is perceived. Freelancers have a reputation for rendering lower quality work, hence the low price tag. If you decide to amp up your prices then you are psychologically telling potential buyers that your work is of premium quality. They will be paying for better designs, blog postings and editorials than any other freelancer that they can find online.


Focus on Building Your Reputation


Harnessing a well-conceived reputation takes a long-term effort. It first evolves into the step of focusing on delivering your services above and beyond what the customer expects. You should then ask them to write reviews for you on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and your website comment/testimonial area. Also reaching out to your local community by getting guest posts written in credible publications, such as the Huffington Post or AdAge, can cause your business to leap forward.