Top 6 Cars for Women

The number of women drivers is growing all over the world even in Saudi Arabia, which is known to be the most conservative country, women have recently been allowed to get a driver’s license. However, it’s a real dilemma for women to choose a suitable car. According to the majority of women drivers’ the main criteria for choosing a car are comfort, enough space and attractive look. The best cars for women are sedans or hatchbacks with automatic transmission. They are quite maneuverable, easy to drive, comfortable and functional. Here’s the list of the best cars for women.

Honda Accord

One of the best-selling sedans in the US has just experienced a dramatic restyling, and now it looks really impressive. A new set of four-cylinder turbo engines replaced the previous four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, which allowed Honda engineers to make Accord lower and wider. The interior has become more spacious and now the child seat, installed on the back seat, does not reach the front seats. If you decided to buy this car, you can search for honda accord prices online.

The next car in our list is Peugeot 208. There are a lot of fans of Peugeot 208 among women. Peugeot 208 was updated three years after entering the market. The new Peugeot 208 has LED front lights and 3D LED rear lights, which look really nice. Undoubtedly, this restyled model looks cute and recognizable, this is what women need.


Mini Cooper. According to the experts, this car is one of the most popular. Its retro style attracts women all over the world because it is small and easy to park. This car brand is chosen by many celebrities as well. The first generation of Mini was launched in 1959 at two British factories, Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor. The marketing department of BMW decided to remind the modern consumer one of these names and developed a special version of Seven for 3- and 5-door Mini hatchbacks. Comfort and safety are main priorities of producers of this retro car.


The best car for a woman who leads an active lifestyle is Audi TT. This compact coupe is ideal for those who prefer speed and elegance. The engineers have equipped the car with a lot of technical innovations and systems designed to make driving comfortable, interesting, and most importantly safe. So Audi TT is equipped with four airbags, matrix headlights, a regular navigation system, climate control, cruise control, a complete electrical package, heated seats, windows and mirrors, a tire pressure sensor and even an automatic parking system.

Toyota RAV4

This SUV will attract women who like speed and comfort. You can feel safe when driving this model of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The appearance of the RAV4 is one of the strengths of the restyled SUV. After restyling Toyota RAV4 has become an even more feminine car than all its predecessors. It has an attractive appearance, a comfortable interior and many different security systems.

Hyundai Santa Fe is the best option for a woman who has a big family. Interior of Santa Fe is very spacious. The back seats are wide and they can comfortably accommodate three passengers. In addition, they can change the angle. The trunk is big enough too – 516 liters, which makes this car ideal for long trips with the whole family. The new model is pretty expensive, but if you want to buy this car, it is possible to find the best deals for hyundai santa fe on the specialized websites.